White Tulip Interiors- A New Adventure...

Hey All!

Welcome to our first blog post! I am excited to announce our newest White Tulip Adventure, but before I get there I thought it best to give a little background on who I am and how White Tulip Interiors began.

I have always been passionate about creating things. As a kid I taught myself to sew and loved doing Arts and Crafts. I was the only girl in my woodworking class in high school. I love to create and I also love to work & be busy. I am crazy for a sense of accomplishment in all things.

As a young woman I left the town I’d always known and moved out to Arizona on a whim to discover something new on my own. I worked and I hiked. Then, of course, I met a young man who also had big dreams. We would sit late nights at Ihop and talk about our ambitions and I fell in love with that man and the idea of us accomplishing these goals together.

Fast forward 17 years… 2 businesses, 2 kids, 3 dogs a hamster and multiple fish later… I am in the 5th year of having my own interior design company White Tulip Interiors. I have worked very hard and loved it more than you can imagine. That same young man, now 15 years my husband, put aside his own entrepreneurial aspirations to support mine. He has gone to work every day working to create a great life for our family. Because of this I have been able to save every penny I made to reinvest in a project that I have been dreaming about for years.

I love doing design for others. It is so fun to help pull together someone else’s vision and create a space they are proud to call theirs. But what if I was able to do a project where I could really showcase everything we can do when left to our own devices??? What would this look like and how could it come together? I have been waiting for this opportunity for years… and now it is here.

As I write this I feel like I can hear the soundtrack from “The Greatest Showman” specifically, A Million Dreams. I am the girl who goes out to see a new project and gets giddy with ideas as I am driving away. I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep because I have thought of something for a project- a solution to a problem or something that would just be so great I am too excited to rest again.

So… the house… it is “the” house. Right in my neighborhood, I have walked past it a thousand times… every time thinking that there was just something about it and if I could ever get my hands on it I would… When I had heard that the owner no longer lived there I waited to see what would become of it. Would the next generation move in? Would it go for sale? Had a contractor already gone in and sweet talked the family into purchasing it for demolition? I waited. Then, a couple months later I asked my wonderful husband if I could go for it. I asked him how he would feel if I took everything we had saved and make this house “the one”. He looked at me, he looked at the house, and with his I think you are crazy look, he said, “Of Course.”

I wrote a note. I left it in the mailbox and hoped. I waited. Nothing. I wrote another note. I left it in the mailbox. Nothing. Then one day as I was walking down the street to a friend’s house, wouldn’t you know, SOMEONE WAS THERE!!! I passed off the hostess gift I was carrying to my husband and told him to go on without me. Again, with that same look from him, I went and knocked on the door. I introduced myself and met George’s daughter. She said they had received my notes and they were strongly considering it but needed some time to get organized. I waited. Nothing. In August, the most spectacular estate sale I had ever attended was at the house. A compilation of amazing books, artwork, handmade items and souvenirs or world travel. I bought my first set of China- (A post for another day.)

Move ahead almost a year. It was a week before Thanksgiving and I was deleting Spam email from my personal box when I saw his name… George JR had sent me an email. I was scared to open it... Wait, was I reading this right? He said they were interested in selling the house to me and would like to meet me. I then struggled against the urge to offer to run over at that exact moment.

The day I met George JR, I realized why this house felt so special. It has its own energy from lives well lived inside its walls. He told me many stories about growing up there. His father, George Sr., worked at Kraft and all 3 kids all went to the original Glenview School just down the street. They would eat 3 meals together each day because everyone could come home for lunch. That day I spent 3 hours walking the house with George Jr, talking and every moment falling more in love with this home. We made a deal that day and I promised George Jr I would not tear down this house. I was over the moon.

Here we are now. We have had the best architectural plans drawn up. We are gearing up to take this house down to the studs while keeping its spirit. The plan is to give it new life and make it a place to house a new family to lead their own full lives inside its walls.

I hope you will follow along on this journey as I plan to share everything as we complete the renovation. From planning the layout to selecting all the components. Learn about the awesome people who will be working to help me create what I believe is going to be amazing. 

Welcome to 1930 Harrison Street.