Move in ready!

So as I sit here today I am truly exhausted yet giddy with excitement. The last 2 weeks have been filled with a lot of 1930 Harrison Street. I have been juggling the finish of this project while also completing a final punch list for another local project and beginning a new big project up North in Lake Forest. Somehow I managed to vacuum, scrub bathrooms and put the final decorative touches on this house to have it ready for active sale on the MLS tomorrow.

I feel a little emotional about finishing the Harrison House. I was just looking through the pictures shot yesterday and was in disbelief that I was able to take my vision and bring it to reality.

George JR who grew up in this house did not have to sell this house to me. He did not have to meet with me that day and walk me through the house and tell me the stories about his childhood growing up there. I wanted this house so badly for my first solo project. I am sure George and his siblings could have gotten more money from another contractor, but they let me purchase this house knowing what I planned to do- knowing I would not tear it down, but instead bring it back to life for a new generation to create memories. The way I see it, that day George sold me my first canvas to create my own art. The energy that I felt on that day when George gave me the first tour continued throughout the whole project.

Everyone who worked on this project was amazing. Most of these guys I have worked with before but even the new sub contractors brought in now have my utmost respect for a jobs well done. I was in awe as I watched each trade do their part, each piece being an integral part of this puzzle.

Like any renovation there were some surprises. I expected to keep a wood burning fireplace but when we exposed it we realized it was not safe and the new direct vent fireplace would be better for the house. I love the way it turned out- in fact that family room is my favorite room in the whole house. I imagine someone watching the snow fall in the backyard on a winter night with a fire going and maybe laughing with family or friends.

I put together a video of the project from start to finish- accompanied by my theme song for the project… 1930 Harrison, the house of “A Million Dreams.”

Thank you George JR, and to your family for allowing me to do this fantastic piece of art.

Very Sincerely,